Jumaat, 20 Julai 2018

So live with the fact of responsibility

Mulla Nasrudin’s wife said to him at a buffet supper: 

”That’s the fifth time you have gone back for more fried chicken. Doesn’t it embarrass you?”


You cannot make anyone else responsible for you
So live with the fact of responsibility

With the possibility of choice, anxiety follows like a shadow. Everything has to be chosen now everything is a conscious effort. You alone are responsible. If you fail, you fail. It is your responsibility. If you succeed, you succeed. It is again your responsibility.

And every choice is ultimate in a sense. You cannot undo it, you cannot forget it, you cannot go back on it. Your choice becomes your destiny. It will remain with you and be a part of you; you cannot deny it.

But your choice is always a gamble.
Every choice is made in darkness because nothing is certain.
That is why man suffers from anxiety. He is anxious to his very roots.

What torments him, to begin with, is: to be or not to be? to do or not to do? to do this or to do that?

”No choice” is not possible.

If you do not choose, then you are choosing not to choose;
it is a choice. So you are forced to choose;

you are not free not to choose. Not choosing will have as much effect as any other choice.
The dignity, the beauty and the glory of man is this consciousness.

But it is a burden also. The glory and the burden come simultaneously the minute you become conscious. Every step is a movement between the two. With man, choice and conscious individuality come into existence

The moment you become completely free, you have to make your own choices. No one forces you to do anything; all alternatives are open to you.

Then the struggle with the mind begins.
So one becomes afraid of freedom.
Sartre said somewhere: ” Man is condemned to be free.”

You cannot make anyone else responsible for you. To accept this situation gives you strength.

We try to place the responsibility somewhere else, away from us.If we are not able to accept some one  then we try to escape from responsibility through intoxicants or drugs, through anything that will make us unconscious. But these efforts to deny responsibility are absurd, juvenile, childish. They only postpone the problem; they are not solutions. You can postpone until death, but the problem still remains,

Once you become aware that you alone are responsible,

there is no escape through any type of unconsciousness. And you are foolish if you try to escape, because responsibility is a great opportunity for evolution. Out of the struggle that is created, something new may evolve. To become aware means to know that everything depends on you.

Everything is ultimately a part of you, and you are responsible for it. There is no one to listen to your excuses there are no courts of appeal, the whole responsibility is yours. You are alone absolutely alone. This has to be understood very clearly. The moment a person becomes conscious, he becomes alone.

The greater the consciousness, the greater the awareness that you are alone. So, do not escape from this fact through society, friends, associations, crowds.

Do not escape from it! It is a great phenomenon; the whole process of evolution has been working toward this. Consciousness has come to the point now where you know that you are alone.

I am not saying loneliness. The feeling of loneliness is the feeling that comes when one is escaping from aloneness, when one is not ready to accept it.

If you do not accept the fact of aloneness, then you will feel lonely.Then you will find some crowd or some means of intoxication in which to forget yourself. Loneliness will create its own magic of forgetfulness.

If you can be alone even for a single moment, totally alone,

the ego will die;
The  ”I” will die.

You will explode you will be no more. The ego cannot remain alone. It can exist only in relation to others. Whenever you are alone, a miracle happens. The ego becomes weak. Now it cannot continue to exist for long.

So if you can be courageous enough to be alone, you will gradually become egoless. the ego cannot exist alone, but it can exist in suicide. Egoistic people are more prone to suicide. Suicide is always in relation to someone else; it is never an act of aloneness. In suicide, the ego will not suffer. Rather, it will become more expressive. It will enter into a new birth with greater force.

Through aloneness, the ego is shattered. It has nothing to relate to, so it cannot exist. So if you are ready to be alone,  just accepting the fact of aloneness as it is Then you are just like a seed that has much potential in it.

But remember, the seed must destroy itself for the plant to grow. Ego is a seed, a potentiality. now it is shattered
So live with the fact of responsibility, with the fact that you are alone.
If you can live with this fact, the explosion will happen

If you can live with the fact of your responsibility for yourself, a discipline will automatically come to you. By being totally responsible for yourself, you cannot help but become disciplined.But this discipline is not something forced upon you from the outside. It comes from within.

Because of the total responsibility you carry for yourself, each step you take is disciplined. You cannot utter even one word irresponsibly.

If you are aware of your own aloneness,
you will be aware of the anguish of others also.

Then you will not be able to commit a single irresponsible act, because you will feel responsible not only for yourself but for others also.

If you can live with the fact of your aloneness, you know that everyone is lonely.
Then the son knows that the father is lonely the wife knows that the husband is lonely; the husband knows that the wife is lonely.

Once you know this, it is impossible not to be compassionate

Selasa, 5 Jun 2018

Life is such a ridiculous drama

Life is such a ridiculous drama. 

It will be simply a miracle if you can find anywhere something even resembling a faraway echo of peace.

Several members of the Golden Age Club were being asked, 
”Why do you think God has permitted you to reach the age of ninety-five?”

Without hesitation one wealthy old lady said,
”To test the patience of my relatives.”

All old people are doing that everywhere in every family, just testing the peace of their relatives.

lagu untuk Melayu

Ahad, 13 Mei 2018


Benih khusyuk perlu ditanam, kemudian dipersuburkan di dalam sembahyang

ADA  orang  bertanya, mengapa hati kita susah untuk khyusuk di dalam sembahyang?

Sebenarnya, khusyuk di dalam sembahyang bermula dari khusyuk di luar sembahyang. Kalau di luar sembahyang hati tidak khusyuk dengan ALLAH, memang payah untuk khusyuk di dalam sembahyang.Ibarat kita hendak membuat suatu pekerjaan yang berat seperti menanam atau mencangkul, 

kalau kita tidak biasa melakukannya atau dua, tiga bulan sekali baru hendak buat, memang terasa berat. Tetapi bagi orang yang setiap hari buat kerja-kerja seperti itu, kemudian dia menyambung bekerja, tentulah tidak terasa berat.

Jadi, tidak khusyuknya kita di dalam sembahyang adalah disebabkan hati tidak khusyuk di luar sembahyang. Kalau di luar sembahyang tidak khusyuk, bukan mudah untuk memaksa-maksa hati untuk khusyuk di dalam sembah-yang. 

Biarlah hati kita sentiasa dengan ALLAH di mana saja kita berada. 

Firman ALLAH:
Mereka yang sentiasa mengingati ALLAH semasa berdiri,duduk dan baring.
(Ali Imran:  191)

Kalau kita dapat rasakan kewujudan ALLAH walau di mana saja kita berada, maka di waktu sembahyang kita hanya menyambung atau mempertajamkan rasa itu. Ertinya, benihnya sudah ada, tinggal hendak disuburkan. Tapi kalau di luar sembahyang tidak terasa adanya ALLAH, waktu sembahyang tentu datang jemu, letih  dan  sebagainya.  

Itulah rahsianya.Hati tak berhubung dengan Tuhan,

tiba-tiba dalam sembahyang baru hendak berhubung, tentulah payah. Jadi, khusyuk dalam sembahyang itu bermula dari luar sembahyang.Seperti kita sebut tadi, kalau kita seorang yang kaki bekerja, kita tidak akan rasa letih dan payah walaupun tidak henti-henti buat kerja. Mungkin lepas menyapu, kita menyangkul. Lepas menyangkul, kita'tengok kambing atau ayam itik. Lepas itu sapu rumah, kemudian menyambung kerja menebang kayu di hutan. Walaupun semuanya kerja yang memerlukan tenaga empat kerat, tapi kita tidak terasa payah sangat sebab sudah dilatih bekerja setiap hari.

Tapi kalau tidak pernah buat kerja-kerja yang perlukan tenaga: menyapu tak pernah, menyangkul tak pernah, bercucuk tanam pun tidak, kemudian tiba-tiba orang ajak ke hutan tebang kayu, tentu kita rasa terseksa. Mahu mati rasanya.

Demikianlah kiasan yang mudah untuk kita faham. Ini kerja-kerja lahir, kita boleh kiaskan dengan kerja-kerja batin. 

Kerana khusyuk itu adalah kerja batin atau kerja hati.Kalau hati kita tidak pernah hidup, tidak ada konteks dengan ALLAH di luar sembahyang, kemudian baru hendak konteks waktu sembahyang, tentulah payah. Bagaimana hendak rasa lazat menebang kayu di hutan kalau sebelumnya kita tak pernah buat kerja-kerja ringan? Tentulah seksa. 

Inilah rahsianya mengapa kita susah untuk khusyuk dalam sembahyang. 
Kenapa tunggu dalam sembahyang baru hendak khusyuk? 

Patut sebelumnya lagi hati sudah khyusuk. Di dalam sembahyang itu kesannya cuma terikat dengan disiplin disebabkan sembahyang itu ada disiplin. Khusyuk hati itu sepatutnya di luar sembahyang sudah ada, cuma is tidak terikat dengan satu sistem, yakni ada kebebasan. Tapi hati kita dengan ALLAH sepatutnya tidak ada beza di antara di luar sembahyang dengan di dalam sembahyang. 

Sebab itu dalam ajaran Islam, walau dalam tandas sekalipun, kita tidak boleh lupa ALLAH. Cuma baca Al Quran saja yang tidak dibenarkan di dalam tandas. Tapi hati mesti sentiasa ada konteks dengan ALLAH.

Ertinya, mengingati ALLAH itu bukan mesti menyebut Subhanallah, Alhamdulillah atau Allahu Akbar. Tapi ingat ALLAH itu ialah dengan hati sentiasa berhubung dengan ALLAH, walaupun lidah tidak menyebut nama ALLAH. Melihat kejadian ciptaan ALLAH, 

hati terasa kebesaran ALLAH. Bahkan kalau banyak lagi kejadian yang berlaku di depan mata kita, ia kian menyuburkan lagi ingatan kepada ALLAH.

Misalnya bila dapat nikmat, hati akan tersentuh dan rasa malu dengan Tuhan. Bila ditimpakan ujian, hati terasa berdosa. "Berdosa aku ni rupanya". la menambahkan tebal lagi hati dengan ALLAH SWT.  Itulah maksudnya. 

Tetapi bagi ahli sufi yang jahil, dia hanya asyik berwirid zikir dan melakukan ibadah sembahyang. Kerja-kerja lain tidak dibuat kerana dianggap tidak membawa ingatan kepada ALLAH. Dia dan muridnya asyik dengan tasbih saja. Pandang orang pun tidak, angguk-angguk saja, bercakap pun tidak.Sebenarnya bukan begitu yang dimaksudkan hati khusyuk. Yang dikatakan khusyuk itu ialah hati sentiasa hidup. Bila tengok orang susah terasa insaf, terasa syukur kepada ALLAH SWT.

'Syukur, ALLAH tak jadikan aku begini. Apa hikmahnya aku jadi begini?'   Lihatlah  betapa  ia menghidupkan jiwa. Menyuburkan jiwa lagi tapi benih sudah ada. Itulah yang dimaksudkan oleh 

Mereka yang mengingatiALLAH sambil berdiri, duduk dan baring.

Tapi sesetengah orang yang tidak faham, dia asyik bertasbih 24 jam. Dengan emak pun tak bercakap. Itulah jahil. Sepatutnya bila tengok pemandangan ciptaan ALLAH, terasa di hati, kalaulah ciptaan Tuhan sudah begini hebat. Tuhan betapalah lagi. Dengan itu jiwa  terbangun.   Itulah  zikir namanya. Zikir $ambil berdiri kerana  melihat  pokok-pokok selalunya di waktu berdiri. Setiap kejadian boleh menusuk hati hingga terasa konteks dengan ALLAH SWT.

Sebab itu ahli-ahli Sufi itu ber-kata, 
"Aku terasa ramai di waktu seorangan." Kenapa? 

Kerana dia terasa berzikir dengan melihat pokok, melihat binatang, melihat air dan sebagainya. Dengan melihat benda-benda itu, hatinya lantas mengingati ALLAH, Tuhan yang mencipta semua itu. Seolah-seolah dia sedang berzikir.Ibarat kita sayang kepada ayah yang berada di tempat yang jauh. Setiap barang kepunyaan ayah yang dilihat di depan mata akan membuatkan hati terus ada konteks dengan ayah. Misalnya, bila terlihat jam kepunyaan ayah, lantas teringat ayah. "Ini jam ayah!"

Bila tengok kereta ayah di garaj, teringat ayah. Tengok pula pakaiannya, Ini pakaian ayah ni". Emak pun sebut pula, "Ini pakaian ayah engkau, ni!"

Tapi kenapa hati kita tidak boleh konteks dengan ALLAH bila melihat kejadian ciptaan ALLAH? Kenapa?

Bila hati tidak boleh rasa dekat dengan ALLAH ketika melihat kejadian ciptaan ALLAH, bagaimana hendak rasa khusyuk dalam sembahyang? 

Tentu tak boleh.Benih pokok tidak ada, bagaimana hendak diberi baja? 
Tentu tidak boleh. Inilah ajaran tasawuf.Kalau sudah ada benih khusyuk di luar sembahyang, waktu ambil air sembahyang pun sudah khusyuk, gambarkan betapa kalau di dalam sembahyang. Tentu lebih khusyuk lagi. Sayidina Ali k.w. boleh khusyuk dalam sembahyangnya hingga waktu orang cabut panah di betisnya, dia tidak terasa apa-apa. 

Ini menunjukkan benih khusyuk sudah ada di luar sembahyang. Bila waktu ambil air sembahyang, dia membaja lagi benih yang sedia ada itu.

Khusyuk bukan boleh dilakon-lakonkan. la sudah sedia ada di hati. Sebab itu pernah orang berwirid berzikir sambil tunduk, lalu datang Sayidina Umar Al Khattab r.a. menegur, "Khusyuk itu bukan tundukkan kepala, tapi khusyuk itu dalam hati."

Ada setengah orang bila berzikir masuk dalam kelambu, padam lampu. Taklah salah, tapi kalaulah itu dianggap cara untuk dapat khusyuk, sudah ghurur (tertipu).

Erti khusyuk itu ialah hati terasa kewujudan ALLAH setiap masa dan walau di mana saja- ketika berjuang, berjihad, ketika tebang kayu, ketika bekerja dan sebagainya. Mesti khusyuk dalam semua keadaan. Khusyuk di hati itu Benda maknawiyah, bukan berlafaz lagi.

Ada orang yang tak tahan dengan cinta ALLAH SWT hingga jadi mabuk. Bila melihat apa saja, dia ingat ALLAH SWT. Ingatan itu selalu memukul hatinya hingga dia jadi seakan-akan gila. Apa tidaknya, setiap apa yang dilihatnya, membuatkan dia dipanah cinta. Lihat batu, kayu, pokok, binatang, lihat air dan lain-lain tanpa rehat maka dia dipanah cinta. Bila tak tahan, dia akan jadi sakar (mabuk).Tapi bagi seseorang yang ALLAH mahu dia jadi hak ramai atau jadi pemimpin, ALLAH SWT tak jadikan dia begitu. ALLAH SWT akan beri kekuatan akal untuk dia mengimbanginya. Dia dapat kawal mabuk cintanya dengan ALLAH  SWT. 

Allaryaham Ust. Ashaari Muhammad

Jumaat, 6 April 2018

The monkeyish mind

I was just reading one anecdote:

A great philosopher and world renowned mathematician is aboard an aeroplane. He is sitting in his seat and thinking great mathematical problems, when suddenly an announcement comes from the captain:

”I am sorry, there will be a a slight delay. Engine number one has cut out
and we are now flying on three engines.”

About ten minutes later another announcement:

”I am afraid there will be further delay – engines two and three have cut out
and there is only number four left.”

So the philosopher turns to the fellow sitting next to him and says,

”Good golly! If the other one cuts out we will be up here all night!”

When you are thinking in a certain line,
the very direction of it makes certain things possible,

absurd things also possible.

Now you can go into the direction, and you can go on and on. 

A monkey and a hyena were walking through the jungle together when the hyena said,

”Every time I go through those bushes over there a big lion jumps out and keeps on hitting me and hitting me, and I don’t know why!”

”Well, I will come with you this time,” said the monkey, ”and I will stick up for you.”

So they walked along together, and just as they got to the bushes a lion jumped out on them and started hitting the hyena. The monkey just climbed up in a tree and watched, so when the lion had gone

the half dead hyena asked the monkey,
”Why didn’t you come down and help me?”

And the monkey said,
”You were laughing so much I thought you were winning.”

Beware of the ego!

It can find ways and means to protect itself.
It can rationalize well;
the ego is a great rationalist,

and a rationalization is
its whole foundation.

Khamis, 15 Mac 2018


who are you to decide what other should do
the very idea is a deep political ambition

artikel ini khusus utk salah seorang
jgn sampai penyakit di larkin dulu berulang kembali

Ahad, 13 Ogos 2017

Taman yg telah lesu

semasa mencari video nasyid arqam yg bertajuk meriahkanlah taman ini di you tube nasyid ini adalah tentang kedatangan pembela umat Islam iaitu Imam Mahadi  disaat Umat Islam dibunuh secara secara skala besar-besaran dan Raya haji Tahun ini pula jatuh pada hari Jumaat bukanlah pelik rasanya bagi umat Islam untuk terdetik dihati mereka  " inikah masanya " walaupun mungkin ada kumpulan yang cuba mengambil peluang kerana begitulah yang selalunya berlaku

tapi lain yg di cari lain pula yg di jumpa rupa rupanya banyak juga orang non muslim yang simpati dan cuba membela umat Islam yg ditimpa fitnah akhir zaman

bila melihat orang non muslim ini yang cuba membantu dan membela umat Islam
teringat saya pada saudara-saudara saya anak murid Allahyarham Ust. Ashaari Muhammad

masih bersenget hatikah kita antara satu sama lain disaat kita mengaku kononnya sebagai murid Sohibuzzaman tapi orang di sekeliling melihat kita tak ubah seperti orang politik yg bergaduh sesama mereka kerana merebutkan kerusi

atau seperti pemimpin negara arab yg bergaduh sesama sendiri padahal Quran dan Hadis ada dalam tangan mereka

atau seperti syiah dan Nasibi yang bergaduh kerana dendam lama yg tidak ada kesudahannya mereka mengungkit-ngungkit sejarah lama umat Islam mereka menghukum orang ini benar orang ini salah walhal semua orang tahu mereka yg terlibat itu semua sudah lama kembali bertemu dengan Tuhan yang sebaik-baik Maha Penghukum

rasa dendam yg disimpan hanya menyebakan mereka di permain-mainkan musuh sebagaimana kanak-kanak mempermain-mainkan anak patung

Kalau dulu kaum mubtadiah sahaja yang suka menyesatkan kaum muslimin dan suka memaksa-maksa orang lain untuk mengikut pendapat mereka tapi sayangnya wabak ini mula berjangkit kepada kita sedikit demi sedikit tanpa kita sedari

saudara-saudara kita sudah tidak selamat daripada kejahatan lidah kita tapi teruslah kita merasa kita ini the best in the world

Rasanya Tiada seorang Sohibuzzaman pun yang mengajar muridnya untuk berbuat seperti apa yg berlaku pada kita sekarang 

maafkanlah saudara mu ini sekiranya dia tersalah

you will never be aware of it.

There was an anecdote a Sufi saint, Hijira. An angel appeared in his dream and told him that he should save as much water as possible from the well, because the following morning all the water in the world was going to be poisoned by the devil and everyone who would drink it would become mad.

So the whole night the fakir saved as much water as possible. And the phenomenon really
happened: everyone became mad the next morning. But no one knew the whole city had become mad

Only the fakir was not mad, but the whole city talked as if he had gone mad. He knew what
 had happened, but no one believed him, so he went on drinking his water and remained alone. But he could not continue that way; the whole city was living in an altogether different world.

No one listened to him, and finally there was a rumor that he would be caught and sent to prison.They said that he was mad.One morning they came to get hold of him. Either he would be treated as if he was ill, or he would have to go to prison, but he could not be allowed freedom he had become absolutely mad

What he said could not be understood he spoke a different language. The fakir was at a loss to understand. He tried to help the others to remember their past, but they had forgotten everything. They did not know anything of the past, anything about what existed before that maddening morning.

They could not understand; the fakir had become incomprehensible to them.
They surrounded his house and caught hold of him. Then the fakir said,

”Give me one moment more. I shall treat myself.”

He ran to the common well, drank the water, and became all right. Now the whole city was happy the fakir was okay now he was not mad

Really, he had gone mad, but now he was part and parcel of a common world.

If everyone else is asleep, you will never even be aware that you are asleep.
If everyone is mad and you are mad,

you will never be aware of it.

di bawah adalah beberapa klip video lagu yg dibuat oleh non muslim utk menunjukkan pembelaan mereka terhadap umat Islam

song for Syria

We Will Not Go Down (Song for Gaza)