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Buat Putraku

Artikel ini khusus buat putra saya yg bakal melangkah ke alam rumahtangga teringat saya dahulu dimana salah satu ustaz saya ketika dia memberi kuliah kepada kami dia berkata

Siapa org bujang yg sangka dia sudah baik pdhal dia belum  kahwin jgn cakap besar ,kahwin dulu baru dia kenal siapa diri dia

Teringat juga saya tentang promosi seks suci Islam yg dijalankan oleh GISB terdapat pelbagai persepsi org ramai dgn apa yg mereka jalankan sbg simpati malah saya secara peribadi juga menganggap bhw yg Ustaz Ashaari adlh guru saya sudah tentu pandangan saya agak bias pd mereka,  walaupun ada dikalangan mereka juga sama spt manusia lain yg tdk dpt lari dr kesilapan sokongan saya pd mereka hanyalah dari sudut adab murid kpd guru

Buat anakku
Wajah comotmu semasa kau masih bayi sungguh indah pd pandanganku

Epilogue dr seorang ayah Make love not war

Mulla Nasrudin's wife had difficulty getting to sleep and, at three o'clock in the morning, she awoke the Mulla and said,

"Mulla, you never make love to me like you did when we got married forty years ago."

"Please, Darling," answered the Mulla,

"I have got a busy day tomorrow. Go to sleep.

"But," she persisted,
"you used to be a romantic. You used to bite me on the fingers, on my neck, on my ears -- Why don't you do it any more?"

"Darling," the Mulla explained wearily,
"such nonsense is for newly-weds. We are too old."

"Just once you should bite me like you did forty years ago."

"All right,' said the Mulla,
as he got out of bed yawning.

"But where are you going?" asked his wife.


PEACE for the rebellious man

You are ask me What is peace for the rebellious man?

peace , for the rebellious man, is very light. It is his very aroma, his fragrance, the harmony of his heart, his at-oneness with existence. All conflicts of the mind are just memories of the past.

Peace has only one taste, utterly delicious – the ultimate taste of existence itself. You just have to drop all that is disturbing, all that creates turmoil, all that creates tension, anxiety, anguish;
you don’t have to achieve peace –


Peace is already there deep inside you. Peace is what you are made of. It is your very consciousness, your very being.

But such is the utter insanity of men that they even start making peace their ambition, they start desiring peace. And this is the greatest dilemma for every man who is in search of himself.

He has to understand the contradiction.

You cannot desire peace, because desire is the disturbance.

What you desire does not matter.
You may desire peace or you may desire power, you may desire money,

it doesn’t matter – because the nature of desire is always the same. It is a tension, its goal is in the future, and peace is in the present.

Peace is not a tension. Peace is a non-tense, relaxed state of let go. There is not even the ambition of peace. There is no desire, no ambition,

because one has understood the simple arithmetic – that every desire creates conflict, every ambition takes you away from yourself. The moment you drop all your desires and all your ambitions, you suddenly find you are sitting in peace within of your being

To describe our situation I will tell you a few stories:

Hymie Goldberg looked very sad;

his wife was sick, so he called the doctor. After examining Mrs. Goldberg, the doctor said to Hymie,

”I am afraid it is bad news your wife has only a few hours to live. I hope you understand there is nothing more to be done. Don’t let yourself suffer.”

”It is all right, doc,” said Goldberg,

”I have suffered for forty years, I can suffer a few more hours. It is not a big problem.”

People who are living together are suffering together. People are in love with each other or in hate with each other.

The findings of psychologists are that couples are nothing but intimate enemies. They both are sabotaging each other’s lives, pulling at each other’s legs, not allowing a single moment of peace.

They are bringing up a thousand and one questions, and each question finally becomes a fight.

The woman has a totally different kind of argumentation. She does not follow Aristotle; nobody knows whom she follows, what kind of logic she has, at what point she will suddenly start crying and weeping and tears will be coming.

The man thinks,
”My God, who would have thought?...
I have simply given a rational answer, now what to do?”

He has been reading books and consulting libraries about how to have a good married life, and he knows every argument. But no one knows what kind of logic this woman follows.
Suddenly she starts shouting, throwing things – which is not at all logical. No book of logic suggests that you break plates and cups and saucers.

But logic or not, seeing that the whole house is in an earthquake,
it is better to accept defeat.

It is not a question of logical victory; victory is always for the woman.
You can have logic, she will have victory.
This is a simple division.

So the poor husband has the logic. Every morning with his umbrella by his side, keeping his logic, he goes to the office... just wondering if perhaps poets are right, that nobody understands the nature of women.

In fact, there is nothing to understand. It is so simple: she does not know logic – nothing else! So she creates a nuisance. If you cannot bring a sensible argument, the best way is to shout and create a nuisance – as much as you can.

One of my professors... he was a professor of law and a very famous professor. I had nothing to do with his classes, but once in a while he used to invite me. He loved to argue, and I used to say to him,

”Listen, I don’t know law at all. I can argue because I know logic, but my logic will not be in legal jargon. I don’t know legal jargon.”
He said, ”Still, you come. Without you I don’t enjoy.”

Once a week he used to have a discussion class, and one day he said,
”I shall tell you the secret of the great legal experts of the world. If you have the law in your favor, be very polite to the judge, be very polite to the court, just put your case in simple legal form. The law is in your favor –  there is no need to do anything else.

”But if you are suspicious, you don’t know whether the law is in your favor or not and you are sitting on the fence – the camel can sit on either side – then don’t go alone. Let your secretary and your assistant carry big books of law – as big as possible.

”Make a great impression in the court, ‘Here comes a great expert;’ and quote so fast that even the judge cannot catch what you are talking about. Talking fast and not giving a chance to anybody else, and quoting... and don’t be worried whether you are quoting from right books or wrong books, or whether you are just quoting from the page you are opening before you. Nothing matters!

You simply create the impression of a great expert, on the tip of whose tongue all the books are just ready.

”You need not even look at the book to find the page. Quote pages, quote paragraphs; say ‘on the seventeenth line, on the ninety-seventh page,’ but don’t give anybody a chance to see – you go on ahead. Before they can see the ninety-seventh page, you have moved so fast that they have to look at other pages.

By the time they are looking at other pages, you have gone far ahead. Create such a cyclone of words that the judge is overwhelmed and completely forgets what the case is.

”And if you are certain that you are going to be defeated, that the law is absolutely and clearly against you, don’t be worried! Go with dignity, and shout as loudly as you can. And as you are shouting, and the whole court is resounding with your shouts, go on hitting the table, throwing the books. You are going to be defeated anyway, so create as much nuisance as possible, because sense is not in your favor –

only nonsense can be in your favor!

”Make the judge afraid; throw books in such a way that they simply pass by the side of the judge. Don’t be worried about contempt of the court or anything, don’t listen.
Victory is going to be yours –victory at all costs.

”Just watch the situation. If the law is favorable, then be logical. If the law is fifty-fifty, then create as much jargon and scholarship as possible. If the law is one hundred percent against you and defeat is absolutely certain, you have nothing to lose; then jump and shout and make the court almost a wrestling ground. Make the judge feel that somehow the case has to be finished.

No more hearings, no postponement, today it has to be fixed because this man can hit, he is throwing books this way and that way... at the most, contempt of court – who cares?

”In contempt of court, if you are taken out of the court – go shouting! And when you are brought in, come in shouting. Even if you are taken out by the armed guards three times in a single day for contempt of court, go out shouting, come in shouting. But make the judge feel that you are not the person to accept defeat. Murder may happen, but defeat is not possible. You may commit suicide then and there,

but defeat cannot be accepted.”

The poets who have been saying that nobody understands the nature of women are just idiots,

nothing else. Women don’t know logic, but they know one thing –
that the essential thing is not logic, the essential thing is victory.

So the man goes on insisting on logical argument, and the woman goes on insisting on being victorious. She does not care about your logical arguments.

But a man who is trying to be logical and sensible is bound to be afraid of many things – what will the neighbors think, what if the children wake up?

So he is trying to calm the woman down, but she will calm down only if victory is hers; otherwise she will put everything at stake.
But the man has to think about his prestige in the neighborhood, about his job.

Now listen to this woman...  why does she laugh?
She must have remembered similar incidents. Every woman knows, more or less, but she must have seen a great drama!

A rebellious man first tries to understand the causes that are not allowing his natural flowering This basic thing has to be remembered: peace is not a goal, peace is your intrinsic nature.

So whatever is preventing your natural growth, that has to be dropped. If it is anger, jealousy, greed, ambition, desiring,  then they are not worth anything. You are wasting a tremendous opportunity of finding an inexhaustible treasure of blessings, for stupid things which don’t have any significance.

Drop them!

It is simply understanding. It is not becoming a monk.
It is simply becoming a more conscious man.

The more conscious you are, the more peace will arise within the silences of your own heart. It has always been there, there was just no bridge between you and it.

And you were running all around, all over the world, searching for it everywhere –

except in your own house

Ahad, 21 Februari 2016

You are in prison and you think you are free

Tembok bethlehem

Bethlehem berasal dari dua suku kata Bayt (البيت) yang berarti rumah dan Lahm (لحم) berarti daging, maka jika disatukan menjadi Bayt al-Lahm, secara harfiah memiliki arti tempat daging,

Rumah daging = pasar tempat dimana daging jualan di potong atau mungkin pusat penyembelihan binatang ternak utk jualan pada org awam

 keratan sajak dr penerbitan majallah Al munir bertajuk sajak utk Gorbachev

Mereka dihalau ke kandang sembelihan
binatang2 itu telah cukup gemuk dan cukup umur
untuk dipotong tengkuknya
tulang2nya dibakar
dan daging2nya dibuat baja

Sesuatu yang aneh, ajaib dan termasuk khawariqul‘adah adalah di waktu umat Islam tidak menunggu kedatangan Imam Mahdi itu, orang-orang Yahudi sangat menunggu-nunggu kedatangannya dengan penuh ketakutan. Tidak tahulah mengapa umat Islam tidak berminat. Saat umat Islam tidak berminat, orang Yahudi menunggu-nunggunya.

Ertinya, orang Yahudi lebih kenal Imam Mahdi umat Islam dari umat Islam sendiri. Berdasarkan hadis, Yahudi faham sangat bahawa mereka hanya dapat dikalahkan oleh Imam Mahdi dan pengikutnya. Mereka sangat yakin. Sebab itu mereka berani mencabar umat Islam. Kalau berhimpunlah seluruh umat Islam dari seluruh dunia sekarang, mereka tidak akan dapat mengalahkan negara Yahudi yang sekecil itu

Jika kita baca di akhbar-akhbar, ramai Yahudi dari Eropah dan Rusia sekarang berpindah dan berhimpun di Israel kerana mereka yakin mereka akan dikalahkan oleh tentera Imam Mahdi. Mereka mahu mati bersama-sama. Ini yang aneh. Mereka sangat yakin tetapi umat Islam masih lagi ikhtilaf.

Ada ulama yang mengumpul hadis tentang Imam Mahdi sebanyak 500 buah. Ada yang dapat 50 hadis Ada yang dapat angka selain dari dua itu. Ada yang menganggap hadis-hadis tentang Mahdi ini adalah mutawattir maknawi. Ada pula yang menganggap, keseluruhan hadis Imam Mahdi adalah masyhur kerana rawinya banyak. Ke mana-mana kita pergi pun kita boleh mendengar hadis ini.

Walaupun begitu, pasti ada hikmah dari Tuhan, tetaplah isu ini diikhtilafkan. terhadap isu Imam Mahdi ini.

JERUSALEM, — Paus Fransiskus, Minggu (25/5/2014), memberikan dukungan kuat kepada Palestina unuk merdeka. Menurut dia, sekarang adalah saatnya mewujudkan perdamaian di tanah tersebut. Ada banyak makna simbolis dan kejutan dari Paus untuk Israel dan Palestina, dalam kunjungan tiga harinya ke Bethlehem ini.

Firman Allah s.w.t di dalam Surah Al –Hasyr (59)  ayat 13-14 seperti berikut :

 (Kerana) sesungguhnya kamu – dalam hati mereka, – sangat ditakuti lebih dari Allah;  yang demikian itu, kerana mereka ialah kaum yang tidak mengerti (akan kekuasaan Allah dan kebesaranNya).

 tembok dilihat dari satelit

 ”Mereka tidak akan memerangi kamu dalam keadaan bersatu padu, kecuali dalam kampung-kampung yang terbentang atau di sebalik tembok.” 

Daripada ayat-ayat di atas adalah jelas orang-orang Yahudi dan orang-orang munafik dengan keadaan bersatu padu sekalipun, tidak berani memerangi orang-orang Islam melainkan di kampung-kampung yang berbenteng kukuh, atau dari sebalik tembok.Ini adalah kerana permusuhan di antara mereka sesama sendiri amatlah keras dan namapk seperti bersatu padu tetapi sebenarnya hati mereka berpecah belah disebabkan berlainan kepercayaan mereka.Ini adalah kerana mereka adalah kaum yang tidak memahami perkara yang sebenarnya yang memberi kebaikan kepada mereka.

Pada 20 Februari, 2005 tindakan Israel di bawah Ariel Sharon telah meluluskan usul untuk membina Tembok Pemisah di Tebing Barat. Tembok yang bertemakan pemisahan, pengasingan dan memberikan kesan drastik kepada penduduk di Semenanjung Gaza dan Tebing Barat. Merujuk kepada rancangan itu, Tembok Pemisah adalah sepanjang 645 km di Tebing Barat. Selepas tembok ini siap, ia akan memisahkan 565 km2 di Tebing Barat (kira-kira 10% dari kawasan keseluruhan) di Zon Barat Pemisah di antara tembok dan Garis Hijau ‘Israel’ akan menguasai Zon Timur Pemisah sehingga 1,555 km persegi (27% dari Tebing Barat) sehingga ke Lembah Jordan dan kawasan Barat pantai Laut Mati. Secara keseluruhannya, Rancangan Tembok meliputi kira-kira 37% Tebing Barat. Tembok pemisah yang dibina oleh Israel ini menelan belanja yang sangat besar dan tidak pernah diumumkan kosnya. Kos pembaikan kerosakan sepanjang 1 kilometer sahaja, menelan belanja US$4.7 juta.

Tembok konkrit ini dilengkapi dengan menara peninjau seolah-olah negara yang sedang dibentuk oleh Israel adalah sebuah wilayah yang melaksanakan dasar pemerintahan totalitarian seperti  yang digambarkan oleh George Orwell dalam novelnya 1984.Tembok ini turut dilengkapi dengan kawat duri, kamera pemerhati dan pagar elektrik setinggi tiga meter. Laluan di sekeliling tembok itu juga dibuat dengan begitu strategik. Ia ditambak dengan pasir bagi mengesan tapak kaki penceroboh. Jarak 30 hingga 100 meter dalam wilayah Israel pula dikosongkan sebagai zon penampan dengan dikawal sepanjang masa oleh tentera Yahudi.

Tembok ini mengalahkan Tembok Besar China dan Tembok Berlin.Semasa penyatuan Jerman , tembok Berlin telah dirobohkan yang mana panjangnya  adalah 115 kilometer.Tembok yang didirikan oleh Israel apabila siap sepenuhnya dijangka mencecah sehingga 650 kilometer. Purata ketinggian Tembok Berlin hanya 3.6 meter manakala tembok Israel pula pada peringkat maksimumnya menjulang sehingga 8 meter. Tembok Raksasa Cina, juga dikenal di Cina dengan nama Tembok Raksasa Sepanjang 10.000 Li¹  merupakan bagunan terpanjang yang pernah dibuat oleh manusia, terletak di Republik Rakyat Cina.   Panjangnya adalah 6.400 kilometer (dari kawasan Sanhai Pass di timur hingga Lop Nur di sebelah barat) dan tingginya 8 meter dengan tujuan untuk mencegah serbuan bangsa Mongol dari Utara pada masa itu. Lebar bahagian atasnya 5 m, sedangkan lebar bahagian bawahnya 8 m. Setiap 180-270 m dibuat semacam menara pengintai. Tinggi menara pengintai tersebut 11-12 m.(Sumber Utusan dan Wikipedia).
Terdapat hanya satu pintu masuk ke Bethlehem yang boleh diibaratkan sebagai  sebuah Bandar yang berada di dalam penjara kerana pintu ini akan ditutup pada pukul 10 malam dan dibuka pada pukul 5 pagi.Jika mana-mana penghuni yang balik lewat, maka mereka hendaklah mengetuk pintu gerbang untuk dibuka. Orang Yahudi tidak dibenarkan masuk ke Bandar Bethlehem.Terdapat papan tanda amaran berwarna merah melarang Orang Yahudi memasukki kawasan Palestin.Papan tanda ini dipasang di setiap pintu masuk penempatan Palestin oleh Yahudi dalam tiga bahasa, Inggeris, Arab dan Hebrew yang berbunyi: 

“This road leads to area ‘A’ under the Palestinian Authority.The entrance for Israel Citizens is Forbidden.Dangerous to your lives and is against the Israeli law.”


Berbuat dahulu baru bercakap

Berbuatlah lebih dahulu baru bercakap
Kerana buah ilmu itu adalah amalan yang sudah dibuat
Janganlah bercakap dahulu baru berbuat
Lebih-lebih lagi bercakap langsung tidak berbuat

Ilmu yang tidak diamalkan
macam senjata tidak digunakan Ia akan berkarat

Apa ertinya simpan senjata sebanyak-banyaknya tidak digunakan
Ia akan menjadi bebanan

Begitulah ilmu yang banyak tidak diamalkan ia akan jadi beban di Akhirat
Orang yang berilmu tidak mengamalkan ilmu, masuk Neraka lebih dahulu daripada orang kafir

Ilmu adalah panduan jalan kehidupan
Atau penyuluh jalan kehidupan untuk menuju matlamat

Alangkah anehnya orang yang ada lampu suluh di tangan
Berjalan di waktu malam lampu suluh tidak digunakan

Ertinya walaupun ada lampu di tangan tapi dia masih di dalam bahaya
Berjalan di dalam gelap tidak menggunakan lampu
Padahal lampu ada di tangan

Lampu itu semata-mata hendak ditunjuk kepada orang
Begitulah ahli ilmu yang tidak beramal, padahal ilmu diperkatakan

Itu tentulah semata-mata hendak tunjuk pandai kepada orang ramai
Bermegah-megah dengan ilmu,
tidak ghairah beramal

Selepas Zuhur